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GOODBYE 2018 | HELLO 2019

After stuffing our faces with an immense amount of food and questioning if the figure will ever return to normal, 2018 has come to a close. What a class year it was for music, and we didn’t do too badly either. Not to toot the old egotistical horn, but 2018 saw Sounds Good reach highs we’d never experienced before, connecting us to all sorts of fellow music enthusiasts along the way who helped make the last twelve months a right hoot.

Before we jump straight back into the swing of things, this post will ask and (hopefully) answer the question: What does 2019 mean for Sounds Good? WELL, short answer is…we’ve no idea. We’re gonna keep doing our thing and see what sticks, and apologise for the mess at the end. That’d be a rubbish way to finish, so here’s a long answer…


As it’s a new year, it’s right to assume the old “new year, new me” mantra. We’ve taken that to heart by bringing a new look to the blog. New logos and banners have been designed to freshen things up and add a touch of texture to our social media bits and bobs.

The Good Sounds Playlist has also received a reboot with a new name and logo. It’ll continue to deliver twelve hot jams from twelve hot bands each week, and hopefully continue to grow. It reached 61 Followers last year which is incredible, and we’d love to have it grow further to properly become a source of new music throughout 2019.

Our content will also receive a couple tweaks too. We’re finally going to embrace and accept the new WordPress editor (it scares us too much currently) which should allow reviews, interviews and other features to have their own identity. That may be through different coloured headings, quotations or the new featured images, which come with a new template that should add an extra touch of professionalism to each post.


Without question, we’re going to feature a lot of new music in 2019. Last year ushered in waves upon waves of new artists, who all delivered debut singles and EPs that got us proper excited. Personally I’m hoping to hear new music from LENN, The Lunar Year, Lina Kay, L. Norton, Spooky Cigarette, Annabel Lee, UNBLOOM, Howlie, TS Bright, Foxgluvv and, of course, Queens of the Stone Age. No pressure.

Submissions will be possible through SubmitHub and email, though I do prefer the intimacy (steady on) that comes with a steamy email trail. One of the best parts of being a music blog is connecting with people all over the gaffe so that’s why emails are a personal preference. As always, if you’re a new artist or have a new artist with something new coming out soon then please get in touch via and come say hi!


Let’s just have a good year, innit? Good music, good vibes, always. We cannot wait to work alongside our favourite people and discover some new friends over the course of 2019 too. It’s gonna be a blast.




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