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Good Sounds Playlist | Partners In Crime

Good morning everybody! Welcome to the very first Good Sounds Playlist of 2019! As you can see, the playlist has undergone a bit of makeover for the new year. It barged into our office, screaming with the desire to fulfil the mantra of “New Year, New Me” and well, here it is. Donned with a new logo, new banner and a (slightly) new name, the Good Sounds Playlist is looking like a real Queen. Yass, slay.

Last year was a big year for the playlist as it garnered 61 Followers and made a little nook in the internet as a home for bringing twelve hot jams from twelve hot bands. This year we’d like to continue allowing it to grow, and hope you’ll also share the heck out of it over the next twelve months. This week’s setlist is a mix of tracks received via email, or through various songs on Spotify that we enjoyed immensely over the course of NYE. Trust us, listen to that Los Campesinos! Song and tell us you don’t feel good. TRY IT.

Thank you to Silkrats for the name of this week’s post. They’re a four piece from Nottingham with a debut single “Partners In Crime” that strives to crawl into the mind like the scuzzy little beast it is, whilst Samuel Ashton’s “Love Is In The Sun” offers a hug and a mug of positivity instead. His debut EP Spreading Light is out next month so look out for more nice vibes from him. Look out for reviews on the new singles from Club Paradise and Shi later in the week and finally, thank you to Hope Vista for delivering a gloriously sleepy tune with her new single “Skin & Bones”.

Good Sounds Playlist | Partners In Crime:

Silkrats – “Partners In Crime” (facebook, bandcamp)

Samuel Ashton – “Love Is In The Sun” (facebook, instagram)

Woman’s Hour – “Don’t Speak”

Said The Whale – “Level Best”

Club Paradise – “Sugar”

Hope Vista – “Skin & Bones” (facebook, twitter, instagram)

coyóte – “Dirty Work”

Shi – “Some Time”

Private Island – “Tito’s Grand Adventure”

Baby Strange – “Job In The City (Working For Nothing)”

French Horn Rebellion (w/ Glassio) – “Love Me Back”

Los Campesinos! – “You! Me! Dancing!”

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