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“Some Time”, the insatiable new single from | Shi

Fresh off the release of his debut EP Adial comes “Some Time”, the latest single from Shi. Shi is an aspiring artist from the USA who’s been making music since the tender age of sixteen and isn’t afraid to dive into new sounds and genres. It’s amazing what people get up to in their youth. Runescape was the only thing that we committed to at that age. How tragic, but how many kids do you know can brag about achieving level 99 Woodcutting?

Much like the EP, “Some Time” is a song that’s not afraid to flit between different styles. Hip-Hop drums drop a steady groove against guitars that seem to meander between the beats to deliver smooth melodies, while Shi croons equally silky vocals on top. The result is a listen that creeps easily into the hips, and certainly helps turn any situation into a steamy date night. Outside of it’s wingman traits, the song is laced with grooves and the slight harmonies in the background are a nice touch too. Time to take a cold shower.  


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