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Sounds Good After Dark | Playlist

Picture this. It’s Valentine’s Day. The day of love, according to the millions upon millions of 99p cards that adorn the windows of the high street. You’ve spent months agonising over this special day, telling anybody within your immediate vision that it’s a false ideal created by the media to tell your loved one that you love them, but only on this day.

Now, picture this. It’s Thursday, 14th February. You’ve done really well to avoid the commercialism and come home to an evening with your loved one / your goat / your special friend that lives in that drawer, what better way to treat yourself than with a soundtrack dedicated to (hopefully) getting you feeling a little hot and bothered? Afterall, it is the day of love, so why not celebrate love?

Whether you’re loving yourself or somebody else, the Sounds Good After Dark playlist is here to set the mood. Those of you know who us personally, the playlist could put you off immediately BUT, for those who don’t, you’re welcome. Now, we’re gonna go crank one off. Enjoy, and happy Valentine’s Day / February 14th everybody!

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