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Local lad Tobias delivers with huge debut single | “Gardenia”

Tobias is an artist from our local land of Essex and this is his debut single “Gardenia”. Written over a year and a half ago, this wondrous tune details all of the experiences that helped create it. The result is one of the most organic, honest songs we’ve heard in a long time.

Built around open-hearted pianos, “Gardenia” floats between Pop and Orchestral/Musical Theatre elements to form an instrumental that’s dramatic and accessible. Tobias’s vocals meander through the wandering melodies with ease, delivering lyrics filled with pain and defiance. The way both layers work alongside one another is beautiful, and really help cement the anthemic, memorable moments really well. Additions of synths and strings add some depth to the sound, and harmonies are used to really round it off in an angelic way.

“Gardenia” is a glorious song from Tobias. It’s a heartbreak song that doesn’t wish to wallow but rather educate and confirm that you’re always going to survive it, no matter what. This is a song that lets you in on its personal turmoil and brings you along for the recovery, and does so in a way that’s beautiful and celebratory of life. It’s unreal how good this is, and this is Tobias’s debut. Madness.

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