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Husk Gets Us Crushing Hard with New Single ¦ “Could You Forgive Me”

“Could You Forgive Me” is the new single from Husk, a Manchester artist who wanted to capture the feeling of a new crush. “It’s new, it’s exciting, there’s electricity.” said Husk. That’s true, though in our experience it turned out to just be trapped wind.

Dragged percussion illustrates the Butterfly feeling in the stomach as the track kicks off with a mid-tempo flourish. It’s paired wonderfully with synths that project an idyllic sound that cascades above the instrumentation like that fleeting feeling of adoration, soaring far and beyond to sink right into the soul. Husk’s vocals cut through the music to deliver the hooks, leaving this particular earworm wriggling right to the brain. “Could You Forgive Me” is an effortlessly catchy tune, and one that will be crushing on for a long time.


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