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Hear the venomous new single from The Hives ¦ “Good Samaritan”

For the last seven years I’ve been wondering about new music from The Hives and spent a lot of time hoping 2012’s Lex Hives wasn’t a victory lap for the Swedish quintet. 2015 saw them drop “Blood Red Moon”, a standalone, non-canon single that was fine but didn’t have the intensity we’d expect from The Hives. Four years later and with my hopes firmly diminished, out comes “I’m Alive”. Through all of its ferocity and dynamism, it announced that THE HIVES ARE BACK, and they’re REINVIGORATED.

Following the single much sooner than anticipated is “Good Samaritan”.  A track that looks to cement the fast-paced return of The Hives with a series of power chords and hooks that sound just as badass as it’s artwork. Nothing like a defiant middle finger to get you pumped up. “Good Samaritan” is everything you could want from The Hives. Thunderous drums, guitars that tear through the airwaves and Howlin’ Pelle pulling the strings with all sorts of passionate lyricism and a chorus that fuckin’ ROCKS. The slippery melodies strung out across the instrumental add needed depth to the track, and confirms that The Hives have not missed a step.

It seems The Hives are embracing their roots with these recent singles. Doing away with the attempts to appeal to the mainstream and sticking firmly to the power of the guitar. Oh man am I EXCITED.

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