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John Vincent III dazzles us with new album ¦ Songs from the Valley

John Vincent III returns with his second album Songs from the Valley. The 23 year old is starting to make some waves in the music industry, with people of all levels of celebrity noticing his smooth voice and excellent songwriting skills. Taylor Swift even bigged up his single “Back to My Ways” so if TayTay digs it, I’m gonna dig it too. I’m glad she squashed her beef with Katy Perry.

This collection of tunes showcases JV3’s voice as the show stealer, complimenting his gravelly notes with a series of instrumentals that provide enough space for the vocals to lead the way in astounding your earholes. The chilled vibes of “City Rain” kicks off the record with the perfect soundtrack to the summer, as crunchy acoustic chords accompany dreamy harmonies to really knock you into a haze. The heartfelt ode to love on “Lover of Mine” transports you into an intimate setting in which JV3 whispers sweet nothings into your ear while he slays away romantic chords on the guitar as a piano dabbles in the background. It’s a sound that’s naturally beautiful, and impossible to dislike.

Songs from the Valley is a glorious album. It has an effortless quality to it that makes it easy to enjoy. From the ballads of “Next to You” to the little interludes in “End” and “Topanga Canyon”, this is a record that covers a wide range of emotions, but does it with a sound that’s intimate enough to matter only to you. It’s beautiful, organic and so so good.

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