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A Good Chat w/ ¦ House in the Sand

Hey everybody! Welcome to a very exciting Good Chat here on Sounds Good. There haven’t been too many Good Chats since our initial chinwag with The Penny Antics last year, but today we’re stoked to announce our guest for the latest chat – Vanessa Jetwash/Van Chebby of House in the Sand!

HITS has recently celebrated the launch of its first magazine which is tremendous news! Featuring an abundance of exclusive content with a whole host of artists, HITS has kicked off its print in a big, big way and with the exciting ROE gracing the cover, it’s absolutely worth a read. This has been the result of over a year’s worth of hard work from both Vanessa and Chris Stringer, so kudos to the two of you for sticking with it and delivering something that’s proper good.

We recorded the Good Chat on the day Vanessa received all the copies of the magazine, so some of you may have received your copy already, but the Good Chat dives into details of the creation and planning processes of the mag, including its overall focus of mental health. Not gonna lie, it’s a proper insane chat but we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. We hope you enjoy, and there’ll be links to various parts of HITS below.

website / merch / magazine

One more word from me…

House in the Sand is a music blog that’s always astounded me in terms of what it has achieved in seven years. As I was starting out in the music blog world, HITS was always a blog that made realities out of some pretty ambitious ideas. From travelling the world to interview all sorts of big artists, to hosting gigs in its living room until hosting an actual gig in an actual venue that people could actually pay to attend. It’s been a mad ride witnessing what started as a single house in the sand become an entire community that enjoys a beach party full of great music. None of it would be possible without the dedication and hard work of Ness herself, so nice work mate. Slobber slobber slobber.    

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