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Ludic ¦ Listen to the trio’s infectious new single “2 Myself”

Throughout life we’re always told to maintain our social media profiles by showing off how much fun we are as individuals, and the only way to do that is to have a banging social life. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional shindig but society frowns upon any hint of declining an event. That’s not right. Sometimes we really need to enjoy a night to ourselves. Ludic are on the right wavelength, as their new single “2 Myself” looks to celebrate the joy that comes with recharging your batteries.

Bustling with jangly guitars, bubbling basslines and warbling synthesisers “2 Myself” knows exactly how to create the perfect soundtrack for feeling good. It’s laid back intro eases the listener into its world before erupting into a chorus that’s vibrant and full of infectious hooks that are so much fun to sing along to. The dynamic vocals converse with one another to really add some depth to the track, and the result is a listen that’s impossible to dislike. Ludic are only two songs into their career and they’ve produced something brilliantly care free with “2 Myself”.

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