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Tuxedo ¦ complete their trilogy of Funk with Tuxedo III

Tuxedo return to complete their trilogy of Funk with Tuxedo III. The duo of Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One have created a discography of music that celebrates the heyday of 70’s and 80’s Funk, Disco and Soul with a series of hits that consistently bring the good vibes to the airwaves. With this third instalment, they look to keep the good times rolling and boy are we up for hopping on board. Choo choo!

Over the years, Tuxedo have expanded their sound to focus more on the dancefloor rather than the bedroom, incorporating sounds and vibes that wouldn’t go amiss at a nightclub. Tuxedo III’s “The Tuxedo Way” kicks off the record with a shimmering display of synths to set the tone immediately, before we slip into the bubbling champagne of “You & Me”. These two songs sum up Tuxedo’s sound perfectly, with the smooth execution of synths paired up with Mayer Hawthorne’s soulful croons and the extension of female harmonies too. By this point it’s already difficult to dislike this record.

Sure enough, the bedroom isn’t ignored as the likes of “OMW”, “Extra Texture” and “If U Want It” all slip into place to ensure a steamy session of intimacy can occur at any point. The two or three minutes dedicated to each song allows the record to flow by effortlessly, leaving time to make a good impression before slipping into the next cut. While this does mean no song overstays their welcome, it does help the record as a whole become a collective unit of real nice.

Tuxedo III is another solid effort from Tuxedo. The duo are veterans of their genres, so it’s no surprise that this new record is an entertaining listen from start to finish. Sure there’s not much depth to the topics, but Tuxedo’s always been about having a good time, and that’s exactly what you get with this album.


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