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Dominic Sen’s new single “Natural History”

Multiple personalities can lead to wonderful by-products of human life. An individual who traditionally struggles to deal with their social anxiety can suddenly embrace their most extroverted tendencies via a detour into their fellow neighbour. Bray Wyatt can dive into insanity as The Fiend. It helps the world turn. “Natural History” is the new single from Dominic Sen, the second half of New York’s Alexandra Cohen.

Taking place at the Natural History Museum, Dominic Sen illustrates an instrumental that explores every inch of the museum with an arrangement of strings, synths and rhythm. Travelling by the walking basslines and accompanied by the shimmering sounds of synthesiser, “Natural History” is a gorgeous listen that adds a romantic touch to a day at the museum. A day we’re able to experience, too, and no longer through Ben Stiller movies. Thank goodness.

Listen to “Natural History” below and connect with Dominic Sen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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