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Halia Jack’s new EP Dreamland

Halia Jack is an artist who brought a certain buzz our ears hadn’t experienced in a while. Sure, everything we feature is good, but occasionally something’s heard that brings a certain level of excitement that reverts the mind back to being a fan again. Waited Long Enough is a single that did exactly that and with Dreamland, we’re happy to stay here.

Dreamland is the product of Halia’s “colourful love life and an eventful dating history” and incorporates elements of 90’s Pop and RnB to really give us an insight into the context of it. The neo-soul atmosphere of “Waited Long Enough” eases the listener into the EP, guiding our ears on a journey filled with grooves and open-hearted lyricism. This relaxed vibe returns with “Criminal Love” and “Heartbreaker” to which the minimalist instrumentation provides space for Halia’s lyrics and harmonies to take the spotlight, whilst ensuring the hips are struck by its futuristic Funk sound.

Between that comes “Threw It Away”, a banger of a track that dives fully into the Pop genre and gives us a modern hit that would make Michael Jackson proud. Explosive synths, bass and percussion collide to deliver that chorus that equals the fierce defiance that’s heard in Halia’s vocals.  

Dreamland is a fantastic EP that details a troublesome set of life experiences but delivers it in a way that shows acceptance and progression. Halia Jack has shown numerous levels of maturity throughout it, proving that even a debut can come with tons of depth.

Listen to Dreamland EP below and connect with Halia Jack on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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