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Cate Hamilton’s new single “Universe”

Cate Hamilton is a 20 year old singer-songwriter based in New York, and this is her new single “Universe”. Cut from her EP Five Shots in the Chamber it builds upon a sound – and title – that’s straight up badass, and very enjoyable to listen to.

”Universe” is about my experience growing up in a very restrictive and repressive catholic school and the “grand scheme” questions I was facing at the time.” says Cate. “These questions stemmed from my fascination with space and aliens. This song explores questions about where we will all go when bees no longer hum and earth is uninhabitable.” Numerous references to religion are made throughout; determined to break through Cate’s restricted upbringing by delivering an instrumental that is bolstered by horns, synths and harmonies that expand far beyond the four walls of the Sistine Chapel.

The assured performance of the vocals flows through the airwaves with fluid precision, making for a listen that’s full of groove and satisfaction. Cate Hamilton has produced a song that celebrates freedom and exploration, but does so in a way that creates an excellent Pop song, and takes us along for the ride.

Listen to “Universe” below and connect with Cate Hamilton via her website, and Instagram.

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