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Famous’s new single “I Want to Crawl Inside of You”

Fresh off the release of their debut mini-album England comes “I Want to Crawl Inside of You”, the new single from Famous. With the sextet’s announcement of heading on tour with fellow Londoners Black Country New Road, this new single is arguably their bleakest-yet,-catchiest song to date. Contrast is a wonderful thing.

Written as an attempt to deal with the boredom of adolescence, “I Want to Crawl Inside of You” grapples with a constant battle of hating it as well as conceding that it’ll be missed when it’s gone. Paired with this mind-set is an instrumental that’s abrasive in nature but full of groove in execution, combining the elements together to create a listen that is chaotic, danceable and a little bit terrifying. Think of LCD Soundsystem at their strangest and you’ll enter the ballpark of this track.

Listen to “I Want to Crawl Inside of You” below and connect to Famous on Facebook and Twitter.


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