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Dish Pit’s new single “Seven”

Last year was home to an explosive debut year for Dish Pit, British/Canadian hybrid that absolutely tore our face off with their single “Trash Queen”. The trio then followed it up with “1000 Days to Die”, which proceeded to kick our face into the dirt. Now, a year later and having only just managed to staple the skin back upon our skull they return with new single “Seven”. Oh dear.

Seven” holds a simple message: “it’s simple, about a previous lover who “only told me these things on speed,” y’know the type.” Yessir, we’ve all been there. Rather than rush the ears with a flurry of mangled guitars, Dish Pit take their time with the track. A brooding bassline creeps into focus, immediately filling the atmosphere with tension. It creeps closer and closer until the guitars cannot remain patient and erupt with a thunderous display of distorted goodness to leave our faces – once again –clean off our skull and back onto the floor. Thanks guys.

Dish Pit have changed things up for “Seven” and it’s provided a new direction for us fans to get stuck into. The track still retains the ferocity we’ve come to love from the trio, but there’s a patience and tension there that makes us really excited to dive into. We cannot wait to hear more from this.

Listen to “Seven” below and check out Dish Pit on Instagram.

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