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Caspian’s Island / “Denim Sleeper”

Caspian’s Island have released their new single “Denim Sleeper”. Having launched into the world with their debut EP No One Else last year, the London four piece are back with a number that details the wonderful state of paranoia that comes with being in a rather tipsy state. I made the mistake of sleeping in jeans once. The material isn’t breathable enough to feel comfortable and you’re essentially trapped in fashion. Wouldn’t do it again, no chance.

Seriously crunchy guitars deliver riffs fill the room with noise as the song kicks off with a blast, setting the foundation for fluttering melodies, solos and some of the grooviest drums to dress things up with all sorts of thunderous bells and whistles. The rapid execution of hooks in the vocals sink immediately into the mind and you’re left feeling quite as disorientated as if you have indeed woken up from a double denim slumber.

Denim Sleeper” is a hard hitting listen that comes packed with all sorts of reasons for you to get into it. Caspian’s Island have released a song that gets us excited for the next phase of their discography and we can’t wait to hear it.

Listen to “Denim Sleeper” below and connect with Caspian’s Island on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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