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Planet Hunter / Planet Hunter EP

Planet Hunter are a four piece band from New Zealand and this is their self-titled debut EP. One thing I’ve noticed from being a music blogger with an overflowing mailbox and a presence on two music submission platforms is that it’s often difficult to have a band that stands out right away. Well, all you need to do is have artwork of a Donald Trump/Voldemort baby suckling on the teet of a hairy man Deer and my attention is all yours. Who knew?

Performing a blend of Stoner, Progressive and Alternative Rock, it’s only fair to highlight just how fucking LOUD this EP is. The opening riffs of “Celestial Tongue” and “Dawn of the Ants” tear through the airwaves with serious intensity. Its rapid-fire tempo sends flurries of distorted noise to rip apart the eardrums, and the hypnotic delivery of the vocals sends you in a trance that leaves you for dead. “Bitter Winds” emerges from the desert to continue this vicious onslaught, allowing the drums to bash their mark into the skull as the guitars repeat an endless loop, making way for the frantic “Dynotrash” to close out Planet Hunter.

Well, this might very well be a contender for best EP of the year. Planet Hunter is a hellacious attack on the mind but one that delivers some excellent material throughout. It is heavy, massive and provides one of the most entertaining listens around.

Check out Planet Hunter below and connect with Planet Hunter on Facebook and Instagram.  

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