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Quarters of Change / “Summer Rain”

Summer Rain” is the new single from Quarters of Change and it comes with potentially the sweetest story I’ve ever heard. It really helps add to the sunshine the song already provides, so I’m going to quote it in full so you too can experience some warm fuzziness in your tummy:

“This summer I took a trip out to Switzerland to see a girl I had been involved with at the beginning of the summer. I wasn’t sure how I felt really about her since I hadn’t seen her in 3 months but thought what the hell. When I arrived I noticed the sky was gray and rain was falling which to a logical person who hadn’t been driven delirious by the 9-hour flight would seem to be ominous. But for me, it was a mind clarifying moment where I knew what my purpose was and what she meant to me. When I got back to the States I wanted to write something that would show what she means to me and this is what came out.”

How adorable is that? Now that you’ve heard the story, you can probably agree with me that it makes the song sound even better. The drawn out, melodic opening makes way for a riff that jumps about with enthusiasm, converting into an anthem that should be heard on all coming of age/young romance films. I love the slight lo-fi quality that comes from the acoustic guitars and the drums, somehow making the song sound even more intimate and personal.  “Summer Rain” is a wonderful song from Quarters of Change.

Listen to “Summer Rain” below and connect with Quarters of Change on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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