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Crystal Tides / “Deserter”

Deserter” is the new single from Portsmouth’s Crystal Tides. Following their last release “Thunder” in July, the four-piece are looking to continue their momentum with another mammoth track, and what a mammoth it is. Tusks an’ all. Get Attenborough on the phone.

With massive guitars, snappy drums and hooks upon hooks, “Deserter” has all the necessary tools to become an Indie hit. The chorus is a glorious soundscape of cascading riffs, sun kissed rhythms and an undeniable harmony that’s hard to resist shouting along to. Crystal Tides have got a knack for producing songs that are catchy and easy to get hooked to, and consider me HOOKED. What a tune.

Listen to “Deserter” below and check out Crystal Tides on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

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