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Plastic Sun / New Single – "Somebody Else"

Plastic Sun are a trio from London and this is their new single “Somebody Else”. The track acts as a sequel to their debut “Violent Blue Life”, which detailed a depressive episode, and instead showcases a more introspective account that eventually leads to acceptance. We’ve all had to do a little acceptance of ourselves at some point in our lives. I’ve recently come to accept that my head’s not a fan of having hair on it.

“Somebody Else” is a song with a massive sound.  Its instrumental features huge walls of noises tinged with psychedelic flair complete with warbling guitars and groove that infects the mind. There’s not a lot of space between the layers, making the verses and choruses bleed into another to become this elongated journey into a world full of colour and vibrancy. I love the added texture and rhythm provided by the drums, and also how the vocals manage to cut through the sound with ease. It’s a solid song from Plastic Sun, and one that gets me excited to hear more.

Listen to “Somebody Else” below and check out Plastic Sun on Instagram and Twitter.

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