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WRECK / New Single – "Toyboy"

WRECK are a trio from Norwich and this is their new single “Toyboy”. It’s the first slice of what to expect from their upcoming EP Satisifed? And is also the first song to follow their debut EP Dusty Knees, which features some badass artwork.

Featuring some stellar production, “Toyboy” collide elements of garage rock and blues rock to deliver a sound that’s volatile, chaotic and a little bit disturbed. Furious flurries of guitar crash violently against venomous drums, bringing pure distorted noise to the forefront that does not let up at any point. What baffles me is how this song is FIVE MINUTES LONG, yet flies by like nothing. These are some of the best five minutes I’ve ever had, and sometimes I could be busy doing something twice in five minutes.

Sometimes you just want music to kick you in the dick, and this is the song that does exactly that. WRECK have got themselves a new fan in me, and I’m going to be gladly getting my dick kicked in for this. What a tune. That’s also not a sentence I thought I’d ever write.

Listen to “Toyboy” below and check out WRECK on Facebook and Instagram.

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