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Lisabel / Debut Album – A Work of Art

A Work of Art is the debut album from Lisabel, a London-based artist who has been featured many times over the years. She has become a staple of Sounds Good, occasionally popping by to drop off new music that really hits well on the ears. It’s great to see her release something substantial, especially as it contains songs we heard back in 2017, 2018. Nice one.

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about Lisabel’s music is how effortless it sounds. Blending elements of Pop, RnB and Soul together, her music seems to come together with little resistance. A Work of Art confirms this with ‘Salamander Souls’ and its intro of waves and nature. Everything occurs naturally, as the strong acoustic guitar becomes enveloped in harmonious strings, creating the perfect instrumental for Lisabel to lay down her vocals.

As the album settles, it delivers an experience that’s concise but full of different directions. The slow ode of ‘My Mister K’ fills the room with joyous lyricism and pianos backed up with heavy reverb, creating enough space for the vocals to take the spotlight. It’s a subtle listen that moves nicely into the more dramatic world of ‘No More Blues (I’m Free)’.  I love the way the instrumental walks with the vocals to really add impact to the verses. It produces some of the biggest moments on the album, alongside the outdoorsy vibe of ‘Green Jade’ and the bluesy guitars on ‘What Do You Need’.

A Work is Art is, well, exactly that. It’s powerful, dramatic, catchy, smooth, every other nice adjective to exclaim how good it is. Lisabel has finally got an album in her discography, and it delivers in a big way.  

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