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Ashton Orion – ‘Bad Dreams’ / New Single

Ashton Orion got underway last month with her debut single ‘Uneasy’. It’s a song that detailed the struggles of anxiety while also being determined to show a personality in spite of it. It had a strength that resonated to me and became one of the boldest debuts of the year. I was also excited to see where Ashton would go next and the result is ‘Bad Dreams’. A song I did not expect.

Inspired by the wonderful existence of nightmares, ‘Bad Dreams’ is a song that brings a complete shift in sound from Ashton Orion. Not only is a surprise but it also helps diversify Ashton’s sound with loads of space to explore. Its moody atmosphere is a night and day difference from the uplifting vibes of ‘Uneasy’. The rocky synthesisers lay down an unsteady foundation, which is accompanied by strings and percussion that seem to be in endless motion. Ashton’s vocals are deep and brooding, offering lyrics that stick to the mind to continue building the tension that pours out of the airwaves. Altogether these elements perfectly illustrate the rush of emotions and turmoil that come with having a nightmare.

I’m rubbish with horror films, thrillers and any situation in life that can be a bit tense (like putting your change away at a till knowing there’s somebody behind you, waiting to be served). Those feelings were brought to the forefront by ‘Bad Dreams’. As terrifying as it was, it is a great song and one that showcases Ashton’s ability to make her music so engaging. These two songs have already shown a lot of creativity, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Hopefully it’s a little less scary.

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