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Moby Dickless – Aquatic Life / Debut EP

With the way things are right now, it seems there’s nowhere to turn to avoid this shitshow called life. Politically, financially, pandemically, every nook and cranny comes with a set of bad news to barrage the mind with another firm dose of negativity. It’s a very overwhelming time, and it often feels like we’re all trying to keep our heads above water.

This is where Moby Dickless come in. Aside from having a great name, the Manchester trio have released an EP that pulls us under. Life Aquatic is a debut that introduces the world to a sound that unnerves as much as it inspires, grooves as equally as it terrorises. It is bold, frenetic and one of the most memorable EPs of this year.

‘Triple Glazed Stare’ opens the EP with a vast array of sounds that immediately transports you beneath the waters. Sleazy drums appear to be played from afar as guitars perform melodies that sound removed from the situation. Vocals sing fears of loneliness and paranoia, clawing at its stability as it chokes the atmosphere. It’s an interesting listen, even when it takes you on a journey towards the bottom. Its closing moments sees the dissonant elements come together to spiral into a sense of dread that leads excellently into the self-deprecating pool of ‘Life Aquatic’.

The title track lurks in the shadows, projecting ominous basslines and guitars that pluck a melody that creeps through the surface. The lyrics detail the discovery of being a bottom feeder, and almost revels in its newfound position. Picking at whale bones, being too weak to fight the pressure; the imagery it creates is incredible. Looking out upon this desolate wasteland comes ‘Filth’, a song that snaps with tight drums and guitars at their most focused. It lays down a solid rhythm but often washes away into dissonance which has been so prevalent throughout Life Aquatic.

Honestly? With how murky, haunting and terrifying this EP is, I’m not surprised in the least that Moby Dick wanted out. No wonder he made that jump. Life Aquatic is a hugely imaginative listen. One that paints some of the most detailed and vivid imagery around. Moby Dickless have come in strong on this fascinating debut.

Moby Dickless / Facebook, Instagram

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