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Pave The Jungle – The Hissing / Debut EP

Pave The Jungle have had my attention for most of the year. Thanks to a steady stream of releases throughout, in which all have sounded fantastic and justified in bashing my brain in, the quartet have certainly built high expectations for their debut EP, The Hissing.

Born through the demise of Rachel Whittle’s previous project, Pave The Jungle showcases her songwriting and how it has improved. The Hissing is an EP that span personal subjects as well as heavy topics, performed through a sound that’s reminiscent of Calva Louise and White Reaper. Gritty, heavy, and highly enjoyable.

‘Emerald’ kicks off the EP with a violent collision of noise. A flurry of guitars rough up against the drums to immediately bust the door down, leaving no time for soft introductions. Written about dealing with a shitty boss, it perfectly illustrates the frustration that comes from trying not to throw them in a lake situated outside the office (certainly not speaking from experience here). It leads nicely into ‘Cookie Cutter’ which is anything but a cookie cutter of a listen. More punishing drums bleed through the speakers, backed by guitars that sound more like sirens than instruments. Warning you to run before your ears burst.  

‘Habitual Thinker’ continues to be a personal favourite. It perfectly illustrates the struggle of having an addiction, especially through the intro which sees Rachel’s vocals and guitar open proceedings in the most subdued way on The Hissing.

The Hissing is a superb EP from Pave The Jungle. It provides a fascinating insight into a band that’s focused on bigger issues in society, while also adding enough personality to make us connect with them. I love how hard-hitting it is throughout, and greatly appreciate the slightly harmonic reprise heard on ‘Jelly’. It’s a fantastic, varied listen and one I’ll continue to enjoy over and over.

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