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Hushtones – On Bricks / New EP

One of Liverpool’s hottest new live acts isn’t letting the inability to play gigs stop them. Hushtones, fronted by Martha Goddard and Mick Campbell, are the nostalgic indie-pop band you’re about to fall in love with, and they’ve dropped their brand new covers EP – On Bricks.

Cover three old favourites, ‘Church of the Poison Mind’ by Culture Club. A gorgeous slow cover carefully blending acoustics with vocals layered gently, reminiscent of many of Fleetwood Mac’s calmer tunes. Not at all similar to the original, it breathes new life into an 80’s classic in its complete transfiguration of the structure and message. The track’s it’s been praised by Boy George himself, so who are we to disagree?

Track 2; ‘Black and White Town’, a Doves classic, was chosen by the band when racial tension was in the news every day and permeated into the mainstream conscious more so than ever before. Once again, Hushtones have twisted and turned it with their own soaring melodies and clear brand of blended vocals we don’t see in indie pop anymore.

The closing track may be the boldest, a cover of Chaka Khan’s ‘Ain’t Nobody’. Being one of the first tracks the band ever performed together, it seems an obvious choice for their acoustic compilation that serves as a Hushtones introduction ahead of a full length EP. This one really requires an intense ear to remember that you’re listening to what is one of the biggest, energetic songs on the planet. What they’ve done with it is stunning in every sense of the word. To take a Chaka Khan song and make it your own is a bloody huge achievement.

It’s always bold to have more than one vocalists, something that has seemingly become a major relation to Fleetwood Mac and other bands that are larger than life, seemingly out of reach by other artists. But Hushtones have triumphed, making a remarkably distinctive sound that can make you forget they’re singing some of the most iconic tracks of all time and fall completely into their world.


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