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Ashton Orion – ‘My Shelter, My Prison’ / New Single

Ashton Orion is back with new single ‘My Shelter, My Prison’. Ashton’s had a very productive debut year, releasing three singles that’ve solidified her as one to watch. What I’ve enjoyed hearing is the progression in her sound, which started off relatively poppy on ‘Uneasy’ before heading towards a darker tone on ‘Bad Dreams’. Now with her new tune, the Australian artist heads further into the darkness.

Sombre pianos lay down the groundwork for ‘My Shelter, My Prison’ to build its walls. Billowing synths float past industrial percussion to add some extra gloom to the mix, but allow enough space for Ashton’s vocals to lead the way. Reflective lyrics of a broken friendship paint a picture that instantly fits with the sound, culminating in a chorus section that blooms with strings and horns. It’s fantastic how this rush of instruments collide without overcrowding one another, instead bringing a well-layered sound that perfectly illustrates the emotions felt during this tumultuous time.

‘My Shelter, My Prison’ is another excellent song from Ashton Orion. There’s been such a strong progression in her sound that it’s been fun listening to its growth over the year. Each single is distinct, yet all contain the same amount of impact you could only get from Ashton. I’m hoping she continues getting darker with each single. Perhaps leading to a solid Trash Metal track down the line. Now that would be a surprise.

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