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Zarif – ‘Click’ / Debut Single

Newcomer Zarif gets underway with her storming debut ‘Click’. This is a departure from her former life as a cog in the major-label machine, which saw her time be detailed as a series of compromises that stripped her music of HER personality for the sake of the mainstream. ‘Click’ sees the rockier energy return and is also the first taste of what to expect from her upcoming, bedroom DIY project Square One, scheduled for release next year.

Anyone who throws a middle finger to the machine in favour of staying true to themselves is sure to have a fan in me. That kind of badass decision-making is something to be adored, and ‘Click’ backs up that mindset with an equally powerful performance. Written about the feeling of having the rug pulled from underneath, the song has all the tools to build Zarif a whole new Carpet Brothers, just for herself.

Kicking off with a guitar riff that rocks as much as it rolls, ‘Click’ barely contains the chaotic energy it has. This unstable quality makes for a thrilling listen and its reflected in the instrumental. Massive riffs fill the room for its chorus, battered by drums that double down to ensure they hit the skull every single time. Its lo-fi crunch adds a rawness to it that would keep it firmly out of reach of the polished label sound, and it makes for superb listening. ‘Click’ is a bold, ballsy introduction from Zarif, one that immediately wants to hear more.

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