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Almost Sex – ‘Charmer’ / New Single

Almost Sex are back with new single ‘Charmer’. It’s the second track from the Brooklyn duo, following debut ‘Knockoff’ earlier in the year, which introduced the world to their glorious, intricate sound. It’ll look to expand the modest discography of the project and, quite rightly, bring a lot of focus their way.

The project comprises of multi-instrumentalist Nick Louis and the mysterious HW LaSota on vocals. This mysteriousness bleeds onto ‘Charmer’. Its intro eases through the airwaves with synthesisers setting an uneasy atmosphere as they float by. This alongside the well timed and considered snap of the drums sounds intoxicating and backs up the sexy half of the duo’s name. HW’s vocals meander through the layers, letting go of words as they playfully bounce against the instrumentation.

It makes for great listening, and certainly has me excited to hear more from Almost Sex. ‘Charmer’ is a slow, brooding affair that’s always moving and takes its time building tension, eventually blooming with a closing third that turns it on its head. The dual-vocals chanting over and over adds urgency to the track and drives it home as being a real satisfying tune. It has certainly charmed me.  

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