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LYRAS – ‘New Zealand’ / Kaleidoscope Sessions

Welcome to the latest episode of the Kaleidoscope Sessions. This is a series of live recordings of bands within and outside the Kaleidoscope Music family. Sounds Good has had the pleasure of hosting some tremendous performances this year, and the latest from LYRAS certainly keeps that streak of goodness going.

Earlier this year, the Newcastle act launched debut single ‘Don’t Keep Me Awake’. It introduced the world to their sound. A combination of Jazz and Pop that utilises both genres’ best parts to great effect. In the latest Kaleidoscope Sessions, they perform new song ‘New Zealand’ which also highlights this gorgeous pairing.

‘New Zealand’ is full of laid-back vibes. Its instrumental boasts a myriad of guitars and pianos all performing melodies that intertwine effortlessly. Delivering their parts without getting caught in one another. The vocals are delivered calmly against the gentlest of rhythms from the drums; I could listen to it forever. It’s fantastic.

LYRAS certainly wouldn’t have wanted a pandemic to occur in their debut year, but they’ve managed to make the most of the situation. Their debut single certainly sat right with me, and this performance for Kaleidoscope Sessions shows that they’re sure to put on a great live show.

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