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Hannah Rooth – ‘Flying High (Smoking on Your Body)’ / New Single

Hannah Rooth returns with new single ‘Flying High (Smoking on Your Body)’. This is the third single from the California artist this year, detailing how sex with a lover is like taking drugs. Everyone wants sex with them to be described as taking Cocaine or Heroin, but I can’t imagine that for me. Sex with me is probably more like smoking weed: full of uncontrollable laughter and always less exciting than what’s on TV.

With a topic like that, ‘Flying High…’ backs it up with an equally raunchy instrumental. It showcases a strong combination of guitars and synths, with both taking control in certain moments to create a song that’s full of life and simply exciting. Sometimes the guitars dominate the airwaves with melodies while the bass pulsates in the background, and other times the electronics take over and shift the power balance to bring a real old school sound to the forefront. It sounds great, and it constantly refreshes the song, even after repeated listens.

Hannah’s vocals seem to be in control throughout as they don’t get lost in the instrumental, delivering endless hooks that sink into the mind as the music hits the hips. The chorus has a real enticing quality to it, making it one I could hear forever. ‘Flying High’ is a superb song, now who got the weed?

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