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Lainey Dionne – ‘Skin’ / New Single

Looking for something a little less dramatic sounding right about now? Can’t say we blame you. American songstress Lainey Dionne has created a sound that’s effortless and pretty easy on the ear, so her new single ‘Skin’ might be just the remedy you’re looking for.

We’d usually say songs about toxic relationships aren’t high on the feel good list, but Dionne has almost perfectly captured that feeling of wanting yourself back more than you want to keep anyone who’s hurt you. A poignant message of denial and redemption drapes over an acoustic guitar and heartbeat percussion, making this sound as raw and hard-hitting as it is well executed. Lainey’s message is far from unique, so married with the fact this song sounds like a real artist perspective we can step into and really get to know is no mean feat.

As with anything, a problem shared is a problem halved and that’s possibly the biggest message in ‘Skin.’ Dionne’s taken a more organic route in her imagery by focussing on both honestly and vulnerability in her lyrics, leaving us hoping her following work will be a focus on her path to recovery and development as an artist. With no signs of stopping any time soon, it feels as if Lainey has so much more to offer in the New Year, and her rise will only continue.

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