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Lohrd Snohw & Kate Brunotts – ‘Call Me Deadly’ / New Single

What better way to kickstart the new year than a new single from one of our own? Lohrd Snohw teams up with Kate Brunotts to deliver ‘Call Me Deadly’. A single that goes against the restrictions placed upon us and reclaims its power. Showcasing how powerful it feels to do so.

Regardless of their locations in the world, ‘Call Me Deadly’ shows a serious chemistry between Caz & Kate. With mutual influences ranging from Lorde, Grimes and FKA Twigs, the duo create a vortex of industrialised pop that bends the mind. It manoeuvres on unsteady feet, glitching and staggering its way past scuzzy synths and booming bass. The percussion dissipates as soon as it hits the ears, furthering the frequent explosions that occur throughout.

The vocals are strong and focused. Boldly moving forward despite the noise around them. I like how both sets of voices support one another as they call out criticisms, adding grit and a real sense of defiance to the track. They really stand out against the instrumental, and the addition of the vocal hook in the chorus only adds to the catchiness, allowing it to stick further into your mind.   

‘Call Me Deadly’ is a great song, and a strong showing from Lohrd Snohw and Kate Brunotts. I haven’t felt this excited by a new tag team since American Alpha, or Ant and Dec, and really hope we get to hear more from them soon.

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