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Me Lost Me – The Good Noise / New Album

Before we totally leave 2020 behind, let’s look back to one of the greatest albums that we were fortunate to hear last year. Jayne Dent, or Me Lost Me, released a few singles which left us craving for more. In November, she finally released her most-awaited album, The Good Noise. It definitely lives up to its name as this 12-track album emanates pure good music, showcasing Dent’s creativity in storytelling with her peculiar musical creations.

It actually blows my mind how wide Dent’s imagination is. She created bizarre tracks such as ‘Airlock‘ and ‘Butterfly Effect‘. The album includes four of her singles, ‘The End of The World’, ‘Worm Unearthed’, ‘Walkingand ‘Nevergreen‘, which suddenly started emanating a different kind of energy now that they have become part of an album.

You wouldn’t be able to put The Good Noise into any one category as each track exhibits different themes. Yet, they somehow all fit together like puzzle pieces. I can definitely say that it was such an incredible listening experience, and it definitely cemented Dent’s capability and creativity as an artist as one of the best in the industry, at least from my point of view. It was a well-produced and well-curated album, and anyone should be able to listen to this masterpiece.

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