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Junodream – ‘Eden Burns’ / Interview

Junodream have planted their feet firmly back on earth with their new single ‘Eden Burns’, and they won’t let it go unnoticed. That signature spaced-out, head in the clouds perspective we have come to know from the five-piece that gave us ‘To the moon’ and ‘Easy Life’ has found its muscle. No longer are Junodream buffeted by the world and not giving any back. ‘Save your plastic bag and stick your head into it’: they are ready for confrontation.

And the world, too, is ready to come to meet them (them being Ed Vyvyan, Dougal Grey, Tom Rea, Will Ryder and Jake Gidley). The London-based band bears the glowing stamp of approval that is PRS funding, and the release of ‘Eden Burns’ comes off the back of a premiere on Jack Saunders’ Radio 1 show earlier this week. As much as I am wary of conversations around a band or artist being all about where they are going rather than what they are doing in the here and now, there is no denying it- all signs point to Junodream being on the cusp of big band-dom. You better hop on the bandwagon now whilst being there might give you the chance to impress your friends. 

The agitated introduction suggests ‘Eden Burns’ will be a track full of excellent details. You are not disappointed. I particularly enjoyed the faux nonchalance of the break around the two minute mark. It’s just the thing to balance the single after a growing commitment to frustration and apocalyptic feeling from the first verse into the second. Chaos returns as the final flavour of ‘Eden Burns’ in a scuzzy outro.

Lucky for you, I had a chat with Junodream’s singer Ed Vyvyan to find out a bit more about the single, band and what’s in store for them. Have a read of what Ed had to say below:

What inspired ‘Eden Burns’?

“it was during those Australian bushfires. the Black Summer. there was this little town in Southern Australia called Eden and it was one of the places on fire. we thought that was sadly ironic. it was also a time where we were going to a lot of house parties where people were being quite virtue signal-y about climate change issues, while changing none of their own habits and doing other (cough) unethical things at the same time. we wanted to frame two sides of the problem, address the seriousness of the issue but also call out the unhelpful hypocrites – us sometimes included.”

What was that music video about?

“i don’t even know. the guys at Slog were unbelievably on board with the concept of recording the whole thing backwards. but we didn’t imagine we’d be in a spaceship in seven sisters when we wrote the tune. learning that song in reverse was easily one of the most mind destroying tasks i’ve ever undertaken. i sounded like an angry danish pirate pacing around my room for weeks. video looks amazing though.”

I love the introduction. Do you guys do your own production?

“the bleep-bloops and the chang? yeah, I love that too. well, a lot of the core instruments were recorded up in Pudsey at a beauty of a studio called the Nave. shout to Tom Orell the engineer. the rest of the background chaos was invented on Dougal and Tom’s Logic Pro X. generally we like to have control over the final sound, so Tommo did a wonderful job mixing this whole release. pretty impressive bloke all round.”

How does the band prefer to write? Instrumental first or lyrics/idea?

“we see our song writing like a sort of mutant christmas tree. Dougs often forms the trunk, Tom’s gets to be the tinsel and I’m the (ahem) angel on top. but then for other releases Tom and I have been the trunk. its all a bit confusing really. but lyrics definitely come second. i generally feel like you get a vibe for what the lyrics will be about as the tone of the song develops. we like to keep things suitably depressing though.”

Do you all listen to similar kinds of music?

“we’re all over the shop on this front. we’ve got mutual loves in Beck, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Air and Zero 7. but generally it’s a musical smorgasboard. no word of a lie, our bass player Bill has been onto the sea shanties for a good few years now. that boy has his finger well and truly on the pulse.”

You have known each other for a long time. What do you think might be different about the band if you met when you were 20?

“we’d probably be in it for just the same wrong reasons as we were when we were teenagers. but with facial hair.”

What have you been listening to recently?

“right now? soccer mommy. i don’t know how i didn’t know about them until this year. love ‘circle the drain’. also there’s this not massive band called The Cairos and i love their song “obsession”. the verses are depressing in a good way. to be honest, I made a playlist with suggestions from junodream fans and that’s been pretty good too. the junoteam don’t mess around.”

What is the number one song you wish you had written?

“much like Paul McMartney it’s gotta be ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ by Crowded House. or ‘Britney’ by Busted. equally good tunes.”

And finally, what does 2021 have in store for Junodream? 

“loads. we’ve got a lot of finished songs waiting in the wings. also (god willing) we have a UK headline tour at the end of April. new merch, videos, radio, vinyl (?). it’s a good time to invest in junodream.”

You heard the man. ‘Eden Burns’ is available to stream now:

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