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Meló – ‘Counting Sheep’ / PREMIERE

Meló is the project of Melanie Percy, a Hungarian/Canadian artist who honed her craft in Toronto but now lives in London. With her upcoming EP Youthless set for release soon, we have the pleasure to premiere her debut single ‘Counting Sheep’. One of the biggest driving points of Sounds Good is celebrating artists who’re getting started in music, so we’re honoured to be able to introduce Meló to you today.

Built upon a primarily acoustic foundation, ‘Counting Sheep’ introduces us to Meló’s sound while also calling back to her a cappella and folk roots too. It moves calmly, not rushing too fast into each section, allowing things to progress naturally. This gives the song a familiar quality, feeling like something you’ve been acquainted to for years. The instrumentation is full of life but doesn’t come across overcrowded. I love how harmonious the strings work with the pianos and the guitars, sitting behind the loudest layers and adding some real depth to the track.

It all works well and shows off the ‘genre-fluid’ music that Meló is looking to continue releasing. The addition of percussion towards the end really adds a dramatic flair to the mix, throwing more variation into the song and ensuring it sticks in your head for a while. As much as the music seems to be easy to fall into, I can’t help but be transfixed by Meló’s vocals the most. Her range is incredible and leaves you in a dream state for days.

‘Counting Sheep’ is a fascinating listen and one of the most meticulously crafted debuts we’ve heard in a long while. I’m really impressed with how it comes together so nicely, so props to Sergei Kofman (also known as Measure) for the production. I cannot wait to hear more from Meló, the Youthless EP might be one of my most anticipated releases of the year now.

2 thoughts on “Meló – ‘Counting Sheep’ / PREMIERE Leave a comment

  1. Relaxing, beautiful song. Amazing singing by Meló.. I am looking forward to the rest of the album. Great article, insightful reflection on the song, the instruments, on vocal and on production.


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