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Lucy Dreams – Everything Comes in Waves / Debut EP

Lucy Dreams release their first substantial release in Everything Comes in Waves. Lucy is the result of AI created by Philipp Prückl and David Reiterer who discovered a love for music, creating an origin story you don’t hear every day. I like to think of it as WALL-E which means no more loneliness ever. That makes me happy.

The duo struck gold last year with ‘Know My Number’. The single took off, introducing their sound to a wider audience. With Everything Comes in Waves, they display an even stronger bond between man and machine to deliver three songs that tackle big, existential issues via pure, anthemic Pop. Imagine chasing down the hardest pill to swallow with a nice glass of YAY.

This anthemic sound opens up the EP in a big way with ‘Pacific Shore’. Written about the pollution in our oceans, the song floods the airwaves with Lucy Dreams’ futuristic sound. Layers of synthesisers create an ever-flowing wave of noise that smooths over pulsating beats, grooving endlessly against the rigid texture of gritty guitars.

‘Sphinx’ continues the boom with an instrumental that’s hard to forget. Compact drums bring a rhythm that sounds bigger than the other instruments, allowing it to become the centrepiece as harmonies and melodies float around it. It sounds wonderfully dramatic, although doesn’t bleed through to ‘Elements’. The closing song offers a more mellowed approach, with harmonic vocals leading the way against ribbons of synths and crumbly guitars to create another atmosphere to get lost inside. I’m going to remember those drums for ages.

Everything Comes in Waves is a great EP from Lucy Dreams. This project seems to be continuously improving and has provided something that sounds more human than ever. Each song sounds massive and come with their own distinct behaviour. It’s great.

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