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Claud – Super Monster / Debut Album

The first signee to Phoebe Bridgers’ label, Claud released their debut album Super Monster on February 12th. The album in its entirety could be looked at as an unapologetic coming of age narrative laced with queer awkward fables. Claud might as well have been a witness to the stories captured in my journal entries.

The album is almost an attractive paradox as some tracts succumb to art-pop/bedroom pop qualities like exultant synths and glittery lyrical coherences, yet another portion captures gut-wrenching dejection and mistakes carried by evocative warnings and bare guitar triads.

Super Monster is a playful probing of the capacities for pleasure and disappointment of idealized or real connections. The alum captures our tendency to compare ourselves, to retreat within our depressed selves, and to reach for those continue to distance themselves from us.

The album features the track “Soft Spot”, an encapsulation of the exuding agonizing poignancy accompanied by desiring someone we used to hold closely, our chorus belts out:

You told me that it’s over now
But I can’t help that I think about
All the things that we used to do
‘Cause I’ve got a soft spot
I’ve got it for you
It for you

The band, Shelly, a quarantine project created by Claud, Josh Mehling, Noa Getzug, and Clairo, is featured in the collections concluding track, “Falling with the Rain”. Not only is track utterly beguiling from a lyrical perspective but is made more enticing by a poppy guitar riff and a vintage bass line that could be the soundtrack to your winter/pandemic/ everyday depression. Killer.

Claude’s last EP Sideline Star was a contemplation on the act of reflection as we isolate ourselves and ultimately an ode to failed relationships. The EP contained the sacred depiction of unrequited love between queer and heterosexual persons in the iconic tune, “Wish You Were Gay”.


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