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Yxngxr1 – Digikid / Album Review

Timothy Francis Lee, better known by Yxngxr1, from Cardiff, Wales has graced us with a smashing E-Boy memento: Digikid. He dropped this banger on February 13. I offer you highlights before I urge you to smash your Spotify play button on Digikid:  

“water bottles in my room lol” appeals to the senses, a bouncy bass caresses the insecurities of being an aesthetically pleasing outlier in the world of material obligations. The song ends on this semi-techno almost grime-y piano twink.

“Water bottles at full throttle
I really wanna hang with models and eat waffles
Drop me on a mountain with ski goggles
Instead, I’ve got a street with potholes and no morals, like”

This chorus is hilarious and strangely relatable. As Millennials and even Gen-Z- minds, we scroll through feeds consumed by countless images of this idealized life: beautiful people and artisanal breakfast foods at cafes- probably in a picturesque city like France, NYC etc, etc. From our homes, which have transformed into makeshift offices for most of us, we are surrounded by the remnants of grind-culture: empty bottles of water or maybe even paper coffee cups to nurse our insomniac brains. Yxngr1 concludes these things are tedious relative to the girl who left him in November, the girl who believes he’s won at life by his “Networth and Profits”.

“BRITISH BOY” is unlike anything Yxngxr1 has done, is a trappy anthem individuated by almighty claps. It rests on this semi-RNB/ somewhat country twang guitar composition. Timothy recalls the authentic every-day antics of every adolescent British (and American honestly) boy. I’m talking Dojo Cat references, dying your hair for a weekend, GTA lobbying, getting told to take your ineffective prescripts, still relying on your mother for meals, then being a glutton to pizza rolls in your freezer, etc etc. 

I especially love chorus, “I’m a British Boy, only get my tea from sites, I am a British Boy, I only sip my tea at night”. It is idiosyncratic as hell. Are you just that Bouji that you are buying Ahmed Tea from a .com?

Jazz-riden drum lines and bluesy bass plucks provide a swift setting in “GIRL IN YELLOW”, released on Janurary 15th to tease the project. Yxngxr1 is vulnerable in this track,  expressing a painful yearning for an unattainable past lover. Verse one immediately screams “Fucking Looking at Me”. 

 Hold that thought, give me a second

Wash it down, enjoy my presence
Does nostalgia make you threatened?
Keep me always second-guessing

He feels that paradox of love and frustration we all loathe, he identifies that insecurity accompanied with each developing connection.

Do yourself a favor and give this culmination of unperturbed emotions a good listen. Grab a box of tissues, the feels will come.


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