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Jack Conman – ‘The Beauty Of Women’ / New Single

With his debut album Seventh Sense Libido out on Friday, Jack Conman gives us an extra tease with new single ‘The Beauty Of Women’. The Manchester-based artist has been on quite the productive ride the last couple years. Releasing a stream of singles, including ‘Sweet Julia’ which is where I first heard his music.

‘The Beauty Of Women’ celebrates the positive effects women have had on Jack’s life and personality. Where ‘Sweet Julia’ hit all the right notes sensually, this new single is a genuine admission of love towards friends & family. It references Jack’s ability to always be open and honest with his emotions, something that reflects through the soft delivery of his vocals.

Backed by soft acoustic chords that act as percussion, the song is a real joy. Everything about it is so delicate. From the eased chorus to the gentle harmonies that lightly blanket the acoustic melodies, there’s a fragility to it that makes the song sound raw. ‘The Beauty Of Women’ is a great song, and one that leaves me excited to hear Seventh Sense Libido.

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