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Capitol Affair – ‘Will You Go’ / New Single

Capitol Affair release new single ‘Will You Go’. Since their debut EP City Lights, the Australian act have been sparse with their material, but with stops at last year’s ‘Medicate’, this new single and with a destination of Rose-Coloured Glasses coming later this year, I’m hoping these guys help me get off many times. That could’ve sounded better.

With snappy beats and upbeat harmonies, ‘Will You Go’ is filled with summer vibes. Despite being “built off the depths of heartbreak”, Capitol Affair look to the future with a positive attitude. Something that breathes out of this tune. The instrumental is warm with sketchy guitars and basslines, backed by fierce rhythms from the drums and capped off excellently by trumpets. It’s punchy, gutsy and allows the song to stand out from its modern indie/pop crowd. It is straight up fun to listen to.

From the surface, ‘Will You Go’ is undeniably catchy, and full of reasons to get stuck in your head. It flows so well against the lyrics. This is the best train journey I’ve been on. I’m very excited to hear Rose-Coloured Glasses. Choo-choo.

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