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in earnest – ‘your dog / good boy’ / New Single(s)

In earnest captivated our hearts last year, launching with a set of open-heart singles and culminating in an excellent debut EP. In my eyes they can do no wrong, and on new singles ‘your dog/good boy’, they’ve pulled at the heartstrings once again. With ‘your dog’ written about their dog Murph, and ‘good boy’ a tribute to their last dog Doug, this dog dad is full of tears right now.

‘your dog’ sees the trio shift towards a more intricate sound. Guitars wear nylon strings and the piano takes a bigger role to introduce a softer, lo-fi atmosphere that really shines through both songs. The finger-plucked melodies and light use of strings in the background showcases Tom & Sarah’s dual vocals beautifully, as they ask questions of “What do you dream when you close your eyes?” which I’m sure all dog owners wish to know. It’s a wonderful song.

‘good boy’ brings the piano into focus, allowing the mood to mellow as the tribute to Doug begins. Once again, the strings breezes past the keys like sweeping aches straight from the heart. It highlights this intimate sound more. I genuinely can’t handle the lyrics as they offer details of the final moments of his life. I’m a mess.

These are two beautiful songs and in earnest have introduced this new sound in the best way. I’m interested to hear where it takes their music in future. I need to go hug my dog.

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