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WAX WORKS – ‘will you remember me?’ / New Single

WAX WORKS returns with new single ‘will you remember me?’. The Leeds artist kicked off his career with the release of ‘sleeping in the dark’ back in January and looks to follow up with another tune that certifies his slice of Indie-Pop as darn good listening. Spoiler alert: your ears will be screaming with glee at how much darn good they’re listening to. “Gosh, that’s darn good!” they’ll scream.

With basslines stomping across the floor, and snappy drums flowing effortlessly through the ears, ‘will you remember me?’ is a serious earworm. Its disco sensibilities paired with the heart-strung vocals makes this impossible to dislike. It knows exactly how good it sounds, and it revels in its flair. Laying down grooves that sound fresh even after repeated listens. There’s a real throwback to the old school in its chorus, rolling with a swarm of synthesisers that crunch with a lo-fi quality that makes it sound so crisp.

As you could probably expect, this is one of the songs of the year for me. ‘will you remember me?’ appeals to the hips so well that you almost forget the emotional connection it forms too. WAX WORKS has done well here. What a great song.

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