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Barley Passable – Hindsight / EP Review

After a string of releases, Australian act Barley Passable launch their debut EP Hindsight. In keeping with its title, Hindsight reflects on certain moments of the duo’s lives. Highlighting how even the worst moments can bring growth into the mix. They add a fresh perspective against some smooth instrumentals. Making for some good listening, and a strong introduction to the duo.

As soon as the palm-muted guitars of ‘Turnaround’ hit the ears, you know you’re in for a treat. The melodies wriggle toward the brain with the softest waves of synthesiser and are bolstered by the driving groove of the drums. Creating some seriously catchy sounds. Musically it’s great, but the vocals are also worth highlighting. Flitting between making direct statements towards a former lover and assisting in producing harmonies that break up the flow of the tune, they really help transcend the song into a full-time banger.

Lead single ‘Silver (Unseen)’ continues the good vibes as it delivers another floor-filling sound. A steady percussion keeps the rhythm rigid, but the fluidity of the synths alongside the wandering basslines ensures it’s always moving. As it reflects of the fragility of self-love and acceptance, the song declines in tempo before launching into the explosive ‘Step Inside’, illustrating said fragility wonderfully.

Barley Passable have introduced themselves superbly with this debut EP. Hindsight is a record that’ll keep your attention through its music but has the lyrical depth to keep you coming back for more. Nice work.

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