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Argonaut & Wasp – ‘Autoslide’ / New Single

Argonaut & Wasp have built a reputation as an act who know their way around a groove or two. Their newest single ‘Autoslide’ is no exception. With its summery tone, it captures that perfect feeling of being able to have a laugh with those you value most.

Written about causing a ruckus with friends, ‘Autoslide’ has all the enthusiasm and celebration that has no doubt been bottled up over the last year. A solid groove is laid down by a scatty break drum beat, which allows everything else to do what they please. It really nails that collaborative effort, with vocal duties switching between male and female throughout. As if anybody can come along and contribute whatever they please to it. Maintaining a looseness that makes the song sound fun. The occasional hints of horns that follow the beats adds to the jovial tone of it all. It’s sleek, smooth, and full of life.

With the world beginning to ease on restrictions and allowing people to come together once again, ‘Autoslide’ arrives at the perfect time to ensure those first moments will be pretty special. It’s sure to be a song of the summer, although I’ll be enjoying it right the way through the year.

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  1. I love your reviews here on Sounds Good – emphatic work; it’s keeping me tied in with the up and coming from hidden artists. Another one I’ll add to the list for laters.


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