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Harriet Dagnall – ‘Tied Up’ / New Single

Harriet Dagnall has been a name amongst the Manchester scene for a while, but only now has she started releasing music. Launching with debut ‘Steal You Away’ last year, the Bolton artist returns with her new single ‘Tied Up’.

One cool thing to note is that Harriet doesn’t believe in sticking to a certain genre, meaning that her modest discography has the potential to bloom into one of the most diverse around. You can feel this freedom in her two songs. ‘Steal You Away’ introduced a softer, more-acoustic based sound that took its time to settle, whereas ‘Tied Up’ comes at you with an immediate, direct mood that’s perfect for these sunnier days.

With an embrace of the electronics, ‘Tied Up’ snaps into focus with a beat that aims for the hips. Its steady rhythm is paired with a bassline that’s equally groovy. Ramping up the funk that lies inside these foundations, especially once the percussion adds itself to the mix too. It is proper catchy. What I love is how Harriet incorporates the acoustic instruments as well. They fill the room with their warmth and create a sound that already sounds massive but continues to grow throughout the song too. The chorus is a good example of this, as it seems to rush to the forefront as it washes another wave of sound upon you.

Harriet’s vocals succeed in leading the way without becoming too overwhelming. There’s an easiness that allows them to float above and through the layers of sound. Once again helping the song become this cohesive unit of noise that just sounds fantastic. ‘Tied Up’ is a wonderfully crafted song, and one I could listen to over and over. For this to only be Harriet’s second release is unbelievable. I can’t wait to hear what genre she tackles next.

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