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Beachfriends – ‘Psycho’ / New Single

Beachfriends return with new single ‘Psycho’. The trio’s second single of the year details the moment of losing your mind over a particular someone and is a real dose of sunshine. Injecting their slice of Indie-Pop right into the veins, it is definitely a song of the summer.

With the weather changing and our moods lifting this time of year, ‘Psycho’’s arrival couldn’t have been timed better. Frontman Brady Ballew sings lyrics of feeling so infatuated with someone that it brings him back to his youth when these feelings were new and exhilarating (“basically I’m feeling 17 my heart’s beating”).

The instrumental embodies this giddiness perfectly. Bright, indie melodies shine throughout the track. Dazzling against the gritty exterior of those distorted riffs, which seem to noodle their way right through the hips. Along with the driving drums, it packs a punch and really creates an earworm. The vocals are also jovial in their performance. Seemingly full of happiness which oozes out in buckets.

‘Psycho’ is a wonderful track. Beachfriends have created a song I cannot stop listening to. It has it all, from the hooks to the riffs to the nostalgic feeling we can all relate to. It’s superb.

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