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Rohna – ‘Renew’ / New Single

Each indie drama I have ever encountered includes a scene where the protagonist liberates themselves of a toxic entity- be-it a relationship treasured by half the audience but loathed by the other, a goal that we collectively anticipated would fail, a vice that was slowly stifling their utmost potential, etc., etc.,… Unanimously, as invested audience members we become completely animated as that quintessential song-yes- that one song which signifies rebirth plays in the foreground. Rohna’s April 14th release, ‘Renew’, is what every narrative-driven film needs.

Improbably hailing from Tampa, Florida, the band’s overall sound is inimitable. While the single would most likely be considered a piece of the “Indie Rock” subgenera,  the band credits derivations of punk, neo-soul, alternative, and psychedelic rock as those which inspire their discography.

The chorus can either be nostalgic or emotionally visceral depending on what thoughts are triggered by the lines:

Slowly letting go

all of what we know

back and forth in goes

in our eyes, it shows

The instrumentals take the listener to many different places. The main verses provide these earthy Nirvana-like stabs, the chorus is at times a chaotic blend of vintage rock riffs that have been modified by an atmospheric phaser-like plugin. The classic percussion compositions known to rock ‘n roll are juxtaposed by techno arcade game effects. Yet the track remains coherent which is just downright impressive as the band utilizes distortion generously. The vocals are absolutely lovely, presenting as an almost subdued fervorous shout. Thank you Rohna, our angsty minds need this.


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