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Yxngxr1 – ‘Pigeons’ / New Single

Yxngxrl1 returns with ‘Pigeons’. This is a single that ponders over the dilemmas he faced when things presented as purely black and white.The single feels like a less emotionally disturbed, comical pre-sequel to Pitta Patter, a track featured on his last album.

Now the kids being rude through the cracks on our screens
So we say something true, thinking fast on our feet
Told the girls with their make up it’s past Halloween

Grabbed the car, get on the road, fill it up, gasoline
50K on the watch, tryna track calories
Got a text from my ex but she left me on seen (aw)

He rejoices at how petty and naive you are through adolescence, when your primary goal was saving face even went it meant throwing jabs at someone else, feeling the same superficial insecurities you pointed out in your peers, pining over the ex who pulls you in only to push you out. Everything is ironic and temporary at the pivotal age anyway, rejoice in how low the risk is now only to cry about the emotional trauma later!

It’s got a steady rhythm revolving around a bluesy RnB guitar riff, its most grounding lyric:

“I’ll take you way back home
The sun don’t shine so the moon won’t glow
Everybody ’round me who’s confused won’t know
Why I’m always sleeping or I’m rude, and so”

Underneath all the simplistic adolescent treks lies a miserable kid. We all know misery enjoys company, so let’s do Yxngr1 a solid and join in on his contemplation.


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